We are specialists dedicated to safeguarding public entities.

We make it our business to understand everything that makes your community unique and to deliver the customized protection and services to help keep it that way.

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Specialization is more than a job title, it’s a quality earned through a daily focus on a particular business. In our case, safeguarding your community. Our deep knowledge of the public sector means we’re uniquely qualified – and committed to – your success.

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From the Blog

Social Media in the Fire Service

November 6, 2018
Social media is used by 78% of Americans and the average daily user spends 1.7 hours on social networking platforms. Due to the increasing usage of social media, many fire[...]

Battling Harassment and Discrimination in the Public Sector

September 25, 2018
Recent news is rife with stories of workplace discrimination and harassment claims. Buoyed by the social media tag, #MeToo, these claims have ended the career of more than one powerful[...]